Surprise! Not really, because I asked before I decided to do it, but hey, whatever. After I found out the Laini Taylor did sort of a surprise visit to Book People, I totally went to get a signed copy of the last book in this series, Dreams of Gods and Monsters, and I noticed that there were so many signed copies. I thought, “Hey, a giveaway would be so fucking cool!” And here we are. So here are the Rules
Obviously, this is for the people following me. And it only takes a second to check, so I will.
Important: As of right now, this is strictly for the US, (why? Because I actually bought the books and postal sites are saying it’ll cost like $100 to ship international, and wtf, no lol. BUT, I will continue to do some searching and if I can figure out something that isn’t pricey, I will definitely update!)
Reblog as you will, or like, whatever works. But please, lol don’t make people hate me.
If you win, I will obviously have to get your address because I have to send it to you, and stalking takes too much energy.
There will be TWO winners, (Since there are two signed copies) and the copies are Papaerback.
This expires on May 30th, 2014, a winner will be chosen randomly soon after that.
If you win, your ask box has to be operational, and you have 24 hours to reply. 
If you need to message me, totally do so. I’m almost always here. :)
FAQs (Just in case)
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5 Unforgettable Love Letters to Libraries

Tom Hiddleston blowing you a kiss

. by S.Tore on Flickr.

A book unopened is a world to discover / Un libro sin abrir es un mundo por descubrir (ilustración de Leonid Afremov)

"Their First Quarrel" by Charles Dana Gibson
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